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Everyone agrees that keeping a well-maintained roof is essential to protect your home or property from different weather conditions. Ensuring that your roof does its job will keep you safe from leaks, Mould, rusting metal, or broken tiles that can result in even more complicated problems. Apart from aesthetics, having a well-maintained roof increases your property’s value and provides energy efficiency by having good ventilation and adequate insulation, which can lessen your energy consumption.

Brisbane Roofing Co offers roof replacement services in Brisbane as well as roof repairs, fixing leaks and water damage, replacing broken or missing shingles or tiles, repairing or replacing flashing around vents and chimneys, patching holes or cracks in the roof surface, fixing damage caused by fallen tree limbs or other debris, replacing damaged or rusted metal roofing panels, repairing damage to the roof decking or support structure, and sealing gaps or openings where animals or pests may be getting into the roof space. All our work is conducted by our team of licenced and skilled professionals using only durable and high-quality materials.

Our team can help to determine what your property needs and recommend solutions to restore and keep your roofing intact. We are your Brisbane roofing specialists. Expert roof repairs, roof replacement Brisbane Northside and Reroofing Brisbane Southside.  Best roof restoration Brisbane.

Roof Replacement with Metal

Metal roofing in Brisbane is one of the most utilised materials today for home and commercial properties, offering durability, energy efficiency. This option is also environmentally friendly. Despite costing two to three times more than other materials, metal roofing has around 40-70 years lifespan, while other roofing materials will only last 10-20 years, depending on the material used. Thus, considering having a metal reroofing is a worthwhile investment.

Additionally, metal roofing is available in a variety of colours and aesthetics. A light-coloured or ZINCALUME® roof naturally reflects heat resulting in a reduced need for cooling during the summer season. Whereas dark-coloured roofs absorb heat, providing added insulation during winter. We recommend a metal reroof if the current condition of your roof can no longer withstand the extreme weather condition of Brisbane or if you want to remodel or make your property look modern whilst adding value…

Metal Roof replacements

Tile Roof Replacement

Another durable roofing material is tile roofs made from concrete or terracotta, offers an aesthetically pleasing and classic appeal to any property. This roofing material is sturdy, lasting around 50 years or even a century if professionally installed in the ideal climate and if well-maintained. Moreover, tile roofing is impenetrable to rotting and insect infestation. Although this material has a higher cost, it features energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and is environmentally friendly.

Considering that tile roofing Brisbane is difficult to install and heavyweight, it is essential to seek professional roof tilers to perform replacement, ensuring properly laid out tiles so your structure can carry its load. Also, if your property already has tile roofing, our team can assess if restoration or an entire roof replacement is needed. We recommend a tile reroof for property owners who wish to maintain older classic homes or remodel their property for long-term solutions.

Tile re- roofing

We Stock A Wide Range Of Colours.

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Colours To Match Most Modern And Heritage Roofing.


As there are still old properties that are not renovated or even demolished, the threat of asbestos remains. Thus, our team of professionals at Brisbane Roofing Co will help you remove asbestos in your properties, which can endanger your health and the community. With the help of our licenced asbestos removalist, we can assure you that our asbestos roof replacement is performed by utilising safety procedures and equipment.

Since asbestos was banned, due to its life-threatening dangers, like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, it is not safe to do a do-it-yourself removal. We advise the citizens and the residents of Brisbane to contact licenced professionals to perform asbestos roof replacement in their properties. Also, the process of asbestos roof replacement is crucial as it involves testing, removal, and proper disposal of asbestos before the entire roofing is replaced. If your property was built before the 1990s, it can be contaminated with asbestos, and asbestos roof replacement is essential. Brisbane roofing Co

Metal Roof replacements

Re Sarking

While most property owners will not utilise sarking in their old roofing, this material provides added protection ideal for any type of roof. And if you’re planning to have a roof replacement or restoration soon, our team can help you in re-sarking.

But what is roof sarking?

Roof sarking is a non-permeable material acting as a roof’s second layer that lessens moisture transmission, provides protection from storms and bushfires, serves as a dust barrier, and improves the roof’s cavity protection.

Although it is not mandatory to have roof sarking, this material offers many benefits, making it worth the installation. Also, if you need roof restoration, we can provide re-sarking service to ensure that your roofing and property are well-protected by several factors. This material is ideal for metal roofing that prevents condensation, which can lead to rusting, and for tile roofing for areas prone to cyclones and bushfires. So, if you need roof restoration, re-sarking is beneficial for your roofing, which can enhance its lifespan and provide protection to your property.

Metal Roof replacements


If your roof has minimal damage that can still be fixed, our team recommends performing a roof restoration. This process requires professional and skilled roofers to assess and determine the areas that need restoring and apply appropriate solutions, making your roof look like newly installed. Aside from maintaining your property’s aesthetics, a roof restoration is an ideal solution to prevent your entire roofing from being damaged, which will require full  replacement.

In short, a restoration is a cost-effective solution to keep your roofing well-maintained and will cost less than getting your entire roofing replaced. However, the cost of restoration may vary depending on many factors such as the type of roofing materials for restoration, the roof’s current condition, the roof’s size in square metres, and removal and repair cost of tiles, metal roof, and asbestos. On the other hand, our team recommends roof restoration if you’re looking for a cheaper means to maintain your roof.

In summary, there are varying solutions to ensure that your roofing is in good condition. Whether you’re renovating an old home, or you simply want to have a well-maintained property, we at Brisbane Roofing Co. can provide the roofing solutions that your property will require. From roof replacement in Brisbane and restoration to removing asbestos in your property’s roofing, our team can do the work for you and provide you with a hassle-free construction process. Give us a call now or get a quotation for your roofing needs. Brisbane Roofing Co. Brisbane roofing repairs & services.