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Choosing the appropriate roofing material in Brisbane is critical whether you’re installing a new roof on a newly constructed home or constructing or replacing that old roof. Most building materials have a short service life, but that doesn’t stop most homeowners from choosing steel, iron, or alloy. Metal roofing as a replacement is now being introduced and used by many homeowners in Brisbane.

Homeowners around Brisbane are having a replacement of their old roofs with new steel ones. While residential steel roofing is not new, it is becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners recognise the numerous environmental and energy-saving benefits that metal roof replacement has to offer.

Metal Roofing Replacement

A metal roof is a roofing system constructed of metal sheets, tiles, or panels. A metal roof is a component of the roofing envelope, which serves as a physical barrier between the interior and outside of a structure and withstands air, water, heat, and sound. The roof also provides structural support and adds significantly to the overall visual look.

With so many roofing materials options available, determining which types of metal roofs are best suited to your home or structure may be difficult. From traditional copper to innovative steel, each type of metal roofing material offers distinct advantages.

the best way to renew your roof is with a roof restoration.

Different Types of Materials for Metal Roofing Replacement.

When hearing the word “metal roof,” you will first think of a steel roof, but this term refers to a broader range of materials. The material will be an essential step in selecting which option to pursue, depending on your region and surroundings. Let’s look at the different metal roofing materials.

Steel is a metal alloy composed of iron and other metals. Steel roofing has historically been one of the most prevalent materials used commercially and is increasingly frequently included in residential constructions. While the original production of steel can be an energy-intensive operation compared to a metal such as zinc, the metal alloy’s recyclability and availability mean that most of the steel we use today is created from recycled material rather than new. Steel is the most recyclable material globally, making it an incredibly green building material to work with.

Copper roofs have been utilised for ages worldwide. Copper is an incredibly durable metal that may survive for over 200 years in excellent condition. Copper roofs are believed to be 100% recyclable, making them ideal for green roof solutions. Copper is a highly soft metal, making it one of the most silent forms of metal roofing. However, with contemporary installation standards, all-metal roofing advises suitable substrates and insulation that limit noise. Copper Roofing has a softer nature, meaning it can be damaged easily in hail-prone areas. While this reduces the aesthetic value, it also outperforms a tougher metal, penetrating rather than denting the roof with a large enough hailstone.

Zinc is an excellent metal that can utilise its patina to mend scratches over time while remaining robust for over 100 years. Zinc is a popular choice for commercial projects because of its ability to be easily moulded and sculpted into extraordinary designs. The chalking of zinc is not a desirable feature of the metal, it can only be cleaned and managed to some extent. Zinc is also 100% recyclable and widely accessible in most local marketplaces, making it an exceptionally environmentally friendly material compared to copper or steel.

Complete Guide to a Roof Restoration in Brisbane QLD

Benefits of A Metal Roof for your Re-Roofing

There are varied reasons why Brisbane people choose metal roof replacement over other materials such as asbestos, tiles, or concrete. While metal roofing may be ideal for a particular house or business owner, we recognise that it is not necessarily the best material for every customer. Explore some of the most common reasons why Metal Roofing is being chosen:

  • Longevity and Durability. Steel roofing is designed to outlast any other roofing material by decades. Most metal roofs can endure for 60 years or more without showing indications of deterioration or rust, which depends on what type of material is used. When compared to other materials such as wood, concrete, or glass, metal readily emerges as the strongest and most lasting. Metal roofing, when correctly built, is meant to withstand high winds, debris, rain, snow, mould, and rodents. Not to add that metal roof materials are frequently Class A fire-rated and non-combustible, indicating the maximum level of fire protection.
  • Eco-Friendly. Metal roofing is ecologically favourable for a variety of reasons. Most metal is highly recyclable, which means that any scrap metal, outdated panels, or even created extra scraps may be recycled and reused in future goods. Zinc and copper are both present in the environment, implying that they may be renewed and sustained organically through time.
  • Maintenance. The amount of care required to maintain a metal roof is often little, especially if the roof was properly erected. Looking for leaves, branches, and other debris that might become caught on the roof and in the gutters twice a year and after big storms would be part of general care. There are techniques to clean your metal roof if dirt or other stains do not come off with rain. In addition, a concealed fastener metal roof requires less maintenance than an exposed fastener metal roof.
  • Cost. Metal roof sheets are less expensive than equal amounts of tile. Furthermore, the installation procedure is faster, resulting in lower labour expenses. Metal roofs are more costly as a one-time investment than asphalt shingles or tiles. However, as previously said, metal lasts at least 60 years, whereas asphalt shingles last between 15 and 20 years.

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